THE 50-50 AND 5-0 GRIND


The 50-50 grind is the easiest grind to learn. Most people start learning them on waxed curbs. I think it would be better if you can ollie up a curb every go before you learn 50-50’s. The 50-50 I will be explaining is the frontside 50-50, that means the curb/rail will be in front of you and not behind you. Approach the curb side on slightly angled towards the curb in your ollie position. Now pop an ollie just high enough to get one the curb, control the ollie to make sure both your trucks are grinding the curb. Dont ollie to high onto the curb or you will lose momentum and will not grind as far. To get off the grind you can pivot the back truck off (kinda like kickturning off) or you can do a small ollie off, just pop your tail to do that.

The frontside 5-0 is another easy grind to start off with. Its exactly like a 50-50 except you need to control your weight to get only the back truck to grind. Approach the curb/object/whatever in your ollie position. When you pop your ollie dont ollie higher than the curb, pop an ollie jus high enough but dont level your ollie out. Lean back onto your back foot to get your back truck to grind. To get out of the grindjust lean away from the curb on your back foot.

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