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Did anyone go to the cinema to see that X-Games Film?

Recently the documentary of the Z-Boys has been released on DVD. Watch the most important footage to skating to this day and find out everything about the Z-Boys.

Dan Cintra who works in the Note shop in Bolton Bones has recently released his first video ‘Park Life’ . A lot of the skating is at Radlands and Bolton Bones. Some classic ’92 footage and some pretty good stuff at bones too. Buy for 9 squid.

A new skatepark called Darc Park has been built about 11 miles out of Bristol in Nailsea. The park is siturated behind the Scoch Horn leisure centre and behind the new Tesco’s complex and part of the funding was done by this UK casino site. A couple of hundred metres from the centre. The park itself contains a funbox, driveway, kinked rail, flatbar, flatbank and 3 quarters 2 of which are hipped at about a 30 degree angle, which makes for great airing.

INCE skatepark has been finished all the ramps and surface has been built. It is still not open though as the the safety inspectors have to round the park to make sure everything is ok. I have no idea when they will look at the park but Im guessin sometime in the early new year.

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